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AutoDRAW: Is an addin for SolidWorks which helps you generate Drawings Automatically for a given part or an assembly. It  exports Sheet Metal Flat pattern in DXF/DWG and SAT, STEP files.  It identifies Sheet Metal, Weldment and standard body types & generates drawings accordingly.

Thumbnail BOM

Thumbnail BOM: Is an addin for SolidWorks which helps you create Excel based BOM for an assembly with preview thumbnails for each part or body for a given assembly or multi-body part respectively. It allows you to select your own template and inserts the same in Excel with images from SolidWorks for better visual benefit.

Following image shows the output

Switch Board App

Switch Board Application is specially build to define Switch boards based on Architect's vision & helps the user use variety of brands from the market so that BOM or BOQ for all the Switch Boards can be printed for all the rooms in a flat. It also create AutoCAD drawings of each switch board with 1:1 scale for site work.

Following image shows the output

Developed by A & E Enterprises


Drawing Factory App is a Customized application developed by us for helping the sales personal create appropriate drawing (layout & elevation of Pallet Rack, Compactors), BOM and Quotation without the help of Design department based on the inputs from Sales personal. This helps sales team to respond to the inquiries faster. The drawings are generated 1:1 scale with aisle spaces based on the material handling equipment to be used. It generates a BOM in Excel format which can also be used a dispatch list and a quotation in Word format with tax calculations. The drawing output is with and without AutoCAD as a back end engine. 

Pallet Racking


Compactor App is a customized app which generates GA drawing for Compactor fully dimensional using AutoCAD as a back end engine.

Developed by A & E Enterprises

(Patent pending)

Grating App

Grating App is a customized app which generates Layout drawing for Press Lock & Electroforged Gratings which are with dimensions. Rectangular & Circular Grating Layouts are created in AutoCAD by just selecting the Center Lines of Beams.

We are extremely impressed with A&E Enterprise’s CAD Grating Layout solution. It has revolutionized our grating layout process, allowing us to create intricate layouts in record time. The software’s intuitive interface and powerful automation features have significantly improved our efficiency. Highly recommended for any engineering or architectural project!..... Vijay Suttatti-Suttatti Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

As a customer of ANEE for the automated circular and rectangular grating AutoCAD software, I am extremely satisfied with their products and services. The software itself is robust and user-friendly, significantly streamlining our design processes and enhancing productivity.

What truly sets ANEE India apart, however, is their exceptional customer support and training. Their team is incredibly prompt in addressing any technical issues or bugs that arise, ensuring minimal downtime and uninterrupted workflow. The training provided was comprehensive and well-structured, making it easy for our team to get up to speed with the new software quickly.

ANEE India's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction. I highly recommend their products and services to any organization seeking reliable and efficient AutoCAD solutions!....Arjuj Kaushik -Cellcom.


Handrail tool is based on AutoCAD, which helps user create Handrail Layout and detailed fabrication drawing in AutoCAD. User just have to select the boundary lines or click two points to identify the length of the Handrail, rest the application will do. User also has option to choose the Toe Plate or Toe Guard inside or outside depending upon the requirement. It also generates a detailed BOM for material procurement along with weight calculations.


About AutoBalloon for Inspection: AutoBalloon is a customized tool which facilitates users adding balloons to all dimensions in an AutoCAD drawing for inspection purpose. It can also generate excel based repot which exports all the balloons with its respective dimensions type & values to excel. 


This app has two versions. Showroom version for the sales person who can capture the information from the client. The output is an commercial offer which can be given to the client and an encrypted file to be sent to the factory which then will be able to generate a 3D model for manufacturing inside SolidWorks.  

Metal Enclosure

This app is a cofigurator. Using the master model user can quickly change the size of the enclosure and select the other parameters like Locks, Hinges, Mounting plate & Brackets. Based on a formula the app will automatically update the 3D model in SolidWorks & then be able to generate a GA drawing and using AutoDRAW will be able to generate the manufacturing drawing. Based on the updated geometry the application can also generate the BOM and cost for the enclosure. 

This app is a cofigurator. Support Arm Systems can be configured along with Panels.